East Rochester Area Veterans

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East Rochester Area Military Veterans

The East Rochester Alumni Foundations will be adding a Veteran’s page to its webpage sometime in the fall of 2017. The purpose of this page will be to honor and thank current and former area residents who have chosen to serve and protect their country as members of America's Armed Services. While our focus here will be on service men and women from East Rochester, we've made a conscious decision to include residents of our nearby communities since they, like our own brothers and sisters, are neighbors who have given selflessly for the good of our country and our world.

We begin this project in 2017 with very little information about who all these people are or about when or where they lived or served. Between now and August, we’ll be working with schools administrators to help design the new page while, at the same time, searching for the names of veterans whose information will be included when the Veteran’s Page becomes a reality. Since we haven’t found a good source for compiling our list we’d like to solicit everyone’s help in its creation. To add someone (yourself, a family member or friend) please e-mail as much of the following information as you have available to Ms. Kimberly Romach at Kimberly.Romach@gmail.com.

This e-mail address is immediately available.

  • Mr/Ms. Last Name, First Name
  • Branch of Service, Years Served (ex. 1963-1967)
  • Theater of Operations (ex. WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Okinawa, Desert Storm, etc.) 
  • High School Attended
  • Other Relevant Information (ex. B-17 Navigator, USS America CV-66, 1st Marine Regiment, 82nd Airborne, 1st Infantry, etc.)

Our initial goal is to formally introduce this page on, or about, November 11, 2017 (Veteran’s Day). Your help will be greatly appreciated by the Alumni Foundation, our local veterans and their families.