Alumni Foundation Grants

We are pleased that you are considering applying for a grant from the East Rochester Alumni Foundation. Please review the following criteria and guidelines. If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact a member of the ERAF Board. 

Grant Application Form

  • Grant request should comply with East Rochester Alumni Foundation Goals.
  • Grant request should support East Rochester School District Goals/Standards.
  • Request should be for funds not covered in East Rochester School District budget.
  • All applications will be evaluated based upon the impact on students. All grants will be expected to have as a goal improvement of student character, motivation, or achievement.
  • If technical equipment is requested, it must be compatible with our district information technology systems.
  • Grant proposals will be evaluated on the basis of potential impact.
  • Grant proposals may include those which would benefit students with unmet needs.
  • The Foundation will look favorably on new and creative programs.
  • The Foundation will consider pilot programs, but may not favor programs which require multi-year funding. If a program is ongoing, the application should address this concern, such as suggesting sources of future funding or monies from other sources.
  • Consideration will be given to projects which could be used in the future on an ongoing basis, without additional funding from the Foundation.
  • The Foundation will evaluate the success of each project, and request that grant recipients perform a self-evaluation. Please consider ways in which we may evaluate the success of your project and how you will know your goals have been met.

ERAF Grant Application & Review Process

Effective: 9.30.13

  1. Foundation Grant Applications are first submitted to the Superintendent's Office. Request must be received at least two (preferably three) months before funds are required.
  2. If there are questions, the Superintendent will obtain clarification from the Grant Submitter(s).
  3. Grant will be reviewed by full administrative team to determine if the District should fund the request. Possible outcomes are:
  1. The District will fund the project
  2. The District will deny funding for the project and will not forward request to the Foundation
  3. The Administrative team, upon determining that a request is worth doing but that District cannot fund it, will forward the request, with its approval to the Alumni Foundation for their Board's consideration
  1. No Grant request will be accepted by the Alumni Foundation unless it has been reviewed and approved using the process defined in paragraph 3, above
  2. The Alumni Foundation will generally review approved grants at the first board meeting following receipt of the approved request from the District Superintendent
  3. Upon reviewing the grant request, the Foundation may:
    1. Approve the Request for the amount requested, or for a greater or lesser amount
    2. Defer a decision until more information is obtained from the submitter(s)
    3. Deny the request
  4. Communication of questions, decisions and results
    1. The District Administrative Team communicates their questions / decisions promptly and directly to submitters
    2. The Alumni Foundation will, likewise, communicates their questions / decisions promptly and directly to submitters
    3. Submitters are responsible for providing the Alumni Foundation with all required receipts and requested reports within 30 days of completing their ERAF Funded project.

ERAF Grant Application & Review Process

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