Inaugural class of U-S students graduates

Inaugural class of Urban-Suburban students graduates
Posted on 06/24/2019
Urban-Suburban students ready for graduationGraduation was extra sweet for some members of the Class of 2019. Four years after coming to East Rochester through the Urban-Suburban Interdistrict Transfer Program, Alexandria Carver, Rosalina Correa-Buntly, Yakira Cunningham, Anicia Lee, Alexander Rans, LarSay Wah and David Warren are now graduates of East Rochester High School.

East Rochester began participating in the Urban-Suburban program in September 2015, when these students were freshmen. Over the past four years, these students have become part of the East Rochester community as more than just students. Several participated in athletics, the arts and other extra-curricular activities.  

“My time in East Rochester has been very welcoming and heartwarming,” said Correa-Buntly. “I made lots of friends and participated in activities such as musical, indoor and outdoor track and volleyball. I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to receive my education in ER.”

Teachers and staff members shared memories and messages about these students. Among those messages were comments that the students were “great additions to East Rochester” who were “a positive influence on the school community.” Others remarked that these students were “responsible, focused and worked hard” and had “an incredible work ethic and sense of determination.”

“As a result of participating in the Urban Suburban Program, our school is a more nurturing place,” said High School Principal Casey van Harssel. “Our school has increased opportunities for learning about race and the values that we share as people. We are growing to recognize the shared responsibility we have to be respectful of each other and that we are accountable for how we think and behave.”

A total of 48 students in grades 6-12 were enrolled in the Urban-Suburban Interdistrict Transfer Program in the 2018-19 school year. The program is coordinated through Monroe One BOCES. It is the first and oldest voluntary desegregation program in the United States.

Left to right: Yakira Cunningham, Alexander Rans, Anicia Lee, David Warren, Rosalina Correa-Buntly, Lar Say Wah. Not pictured: Alexandria Carver.