Single point of entry coming

Single point of entry coming
Posted on 08/13/2019
What is single point of entry?
A single point of entry is one secure, monitored entrance where visitors sign in and out of the school building. 

Why is the district moving to a single point of entry?
The district is moving to a secure single point of entry in an effort to increase security and provide the highest level of safety for East Rochester UFSD students and staff. This security measure was voted on and approved as a component of the future capital project security upgrades coming in summer 2020.

When will the single point of entry be in effect?
Beginning Sept. 5, 2019 all visitors will be required to enter and exit the school building through the high school entrance while school is in session from 8:40 a.m. to 2 p.m. This includes, but is not limited to, visitors such as classroom volunteers, parents dropping off lunches or other items, and parents dropping off and picking up students, including those with illnesses.

Will the single point of entry affect drop-off and pick-up? 
No. The single point of entry will only be in effect during school hours from 8:40 a.m. until 2 p.m. Morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up will continue to occur at both the elementary and high school entrances. In addition, afternoon UPK families will continue to pick up and drop off at the elementary school entrance.

Why was the high school chosen as the single point of entry?
With the adequate infrastructure already in place, the high school entrance requires the least amount of structural changes for the upgrades necessary for this enhanced security measure. All school entrances were considered when planning for a secure single point of entry. 

How will my child(ren) make it from the high school to the elementary school if dropped off midday?
Staff will be available to escort any child(ren) who need assistance. All children in grades UPK-3 will be escorted. Students in grades 4-5 will be escorted based on the needs of the child. Escorts to the elementary school will pause during high school and middle level passing times.