Important notice for families

Important notice for families
Posted on 06/20/2019
On June 13, 2019, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed legislation removing non-medical exemptions from school vaccination requirements for children. There is no longer a religious exemption to the requirement that children are to be vaccinated against measles and other diseases to attend pre-kindergarten through 12th grade in a public, private or parochial setting or to be enrolled in daycare.

Parents and guardians of all children who do not have their required immunizations are encouraged to have them receive the first dose as soon as possible.

Children who are currently on non-medical exemptions must receive the first age-appropriate dose in each immunization prior to June 28, 2019 to have access to any summer programming. Additionally, parents and guardians must provide proof by July 14, 2019 that appointments have been made for all required follow-up doses. The deadlines for follow-up doses depend on the vaccine.

Students not participating in school programming or daycare during the summer must receive the first dose of vaccinations at minimum 14 days from the first day of school in order to attend in the fall. Within 30 days of the first day of school, parents and guardians of such children must show that they have made appointments for all required follow-up doses.

For more information about the vaccination schedule and a catch-up immunization schedule, visit the Centers for Disease Control website at this link.