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East Rochester Alumni Foundation, Inc.

The East Rochester Alumni Foundation, Inc. was founded in 2005. In March 2007 we were designated a 501(c)(3) Public Charity by the Internal Revenue Service. All donations made to East Rochester Alumni Foundation, Inc. are fully tax deductible.

The Foundation’s primary focus is to be the organization through which alumni and other friends of the East Rochester School District collectively encourage and support programs which promote excellence in education and encourage motivated students to discover and pursue their full potential. We are also involved in the initiation and support of programs and events which we feel will result in creating a closer bond between East Rochester Alums, the Town/Village of East Rochester, and the East Rochester School District.

Using funds received from individual donations as well as from our various fundraising activities, the Foundation provides “Excellence in Education” grants for the benefit of all students. The District Superintendent's cabinet members and several members of the foundation review grant applications and recommend the acceptance or rejection of each grant to the Foundation’s Board of Directors. The Foundation’s Board of Directors also audits implemented projects to confirm their completion and to verify that stated project outcomes have been met.


Administering grants is not all we do. We’re also the place where alumni and friends of East Rochester Schools can come to get information, find old friends, keep in touch, organize reunions, and, in every way possible, bring ER alumni together. We are pleased to be included on the East Rochester Public Schools website and intend to make every possible use of this site as a way of addressing many of our alumni-oriented objectives. 

We are continually seeking volunteers. Right now, we are especially in need of one or more volunteers who have some expertise in public relations, advertising, event management, or website management and development. Please contact any board member to explore opportunities.


Contacting the Alumni Foundation

We are very eager to hear from individuals having ideas, comments, questions or concerns which involve the East Rochester Alumni Foundation.

E-Mail should be directed to
[email protected]

Our mailing address is:
East Rochester Alumni Foundation, Inc.
200 Woodbine Avenue
East Rochester, NY  14445

Webmaster: Pam Narsisian:  [email protected]




Chris Argento


Events, Golf Committee, Communications Committee Chair

Vicki Argento


Events, Executive Committee

Denise Ash

Events, Communications Committee

Julia Benson


Events, Communications Committee

Jake Calabrese



Mary Cooney


Katie DeVito

Events, School Events Liaison, School Grant Liaison

Margaret Hyland
 Treasurer Budget & Finance, Executive Committee, Events

Anita Mance

Grant Committee

Pam Narsisian

Webmaster, Golf Committee, Events

Patty Pullano


Events, Executive Committee, Golf Committee

Tom Quinzi


Community Liaison, Executive Committee Chair, Golf Committee Chair

Helen Tortorici

Vice- President

Events, Executive Committee, Golf Committee

Former Board Members

John Baynes ’71, Terry Brown-Steiner, Jim Burlingame ’54, Jerry Cilento ‘57, Robert Clancy '91, Mary Burton Estey '56, John Griffith '87, Tim Henry ’79, Marilyn Tuttle Lopez ’63, Dr. Howard Maffucci, Dina Marcoccia ’86, David Morabito ’72, Sam Morabito ’61, Peter Nicolucci ’50 Fred Ricci ’65, Barbara Steve Stoner ’45, Patrick Tobin ’58, Sam Urzetta ’44, Nick Verzella ’44 and Richard Stutzman

Members Emeritus:  Peter Obourn ’59, Carl Tobin ‘59