Funded Grants and Projects

Using funds received from individual donations as well as from our various fundraising activities, the East Rochester Alumni Foundation provides “Excellence in Education” grants for the benefit of all students. The District Superintendent's Cabinet and several members of the Foundation review grant applications and recommend the acceptance or rejection of each grant to the Foundation’s Board of Directors. Foundation operating expenses are covered solely by donations from our Board of Directors.

2019 -2020 Grant Summary

The ER Alumni Foundation has been able to provide funding totaling more than $175,000 since it began awarding grants in 2006.  We have been honored to assist with varied activities and programs to help our students PreK to Grade 12.  Below is a list of grant funded activities for 2019-2020.  While the Covid-19 pandemic forced our school to close early this past year, we were still able to grant many requests.

Roses for Veterans:  Funds were once again provided to purchase roses given to our veterans at the elementary school Veterans’ Day assembly last November.

Generation 2:  This new grant provided funds for a program pairing adult volunteers with kindergarteners for weekly get-togethers.  Adults met one-to-one with the children once a week to help children gain self-confidence and resiliency through play.  Funds paid for the materials and training needed.

Friends and Mentors:  Funds paid for transportation, event admission costs, and food for school meetings for this start-up extracurricular high school club.  The activities provided students with developmental disabilities and peer volunteers a chance to develop friendship and support and understanding.

Foodlink Food Backpack Program:  In collaboration with Rotary and the PTA the Alumni Foundation provided funds for this program to supply weekly food bags to needy families for food over the weekends.

Teens and Tots:  Funds were given again this year for tuition assistance for children ages 2-3 for a special early childhood educational program.  Preschoolers and high school students work together through programs which support child growth, language development, and communication skills.

ER Strong:  Again this year funds were provided for snacks, journals, art supplies for regular meetings.  This group for grades 9-11 strives to assist girls through intervention and support to enable them to develop self-esteem and coping strategies.

We Are Authors!:  Funds were given so that each of Mrs. Rucci’s third graders (2018-2019 school year) could own a copy of the book, Crazy Creatures.  The book contained stories written by children from all over our country, including Mrs. Rucci’s whole class.

Second Grade Smoke Detectors:  Funds were provided again this year for smoke detectors given to our second graders during their fall visit to the East Rochester Fire Department.  This partnership continues to be a way to remember Tyler Doohan who died in a fire, January 2014.

Student of the Month Backpacks:  Funds were once again used to purchase backpacks given to students grades 6-12 who have been selected for making positive contributions to the school community.

Student of the Month/Positive Peers Pizza Lunch Program (Middle Level Academy):  Funds were given for recognition luncheons for selected students celebrating positive values.  Families were invited to the luncheons in support of their children.

Quarterly Recognition of Honor Roll Students:  Money was again given for lunch-time ice cream sundaes for students grades 6-12 who earned a spot on the honor or credit rolls.

Science Olympiad Teams:  Once again funds were provided for materials used in competitions for our middle school and high school teams.  While the middle school completion had to be cancelled this year, the students did have the opportunity to work toward their goals and learn preparations for the next school year.

New Athletic Banners:  Funds were awarded for new banners for the high school gymnasium to replace the old athletic banners which celebrate our sports champions.

Elementary School Family Learning Night 2020:  Funds were provided again this year for refreshments, math, science, and sensory materials and games for engaging families in different fun learning opportunities.

KIDS ROAR! (Realizing Our Ability to be Resilient):  Funds were provided for financial assistance for children taking part in this after school activity sponsored by the PTA for elementary school children.  Due to school closing in March this past year sessions were only offered for grades 3-5, not K-2.  The get-togethers helped inspire kids’ social, emotional, and physical well-being.

Class of 2020 Gift:  Funds provided for $20.00 gift for each member of the Class of 2020 as part of their year-end celebration (in place of their cancelled Senior Bash and Senior Trip).  The Alumni Foundation also gave each senior a brown and white ER mug to welcome them as new alumni.

Submitted by Anita Mance