The East Rochester Union Free School District would like to present our plan for the reopening of facilities, the availability of large spaces for academics and athletics, and a current offering of athletic opportunities. This plan comes directly from, NYSPHSAA and the National Federation of High School Sports (NFHS) NYSPHSAA Return to Interscholastic Athletics.
The following continues to be  both a gradual reopening plan as well as key areas that must be addressed both prior to and during the reopening phases. Other key resources contributing to this general outline include the CDC Interim Guidance Document, in addition to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Links for all resources are listed directly below. While there continue to be pressing academic matters associated with schools opened during a pandemic, the reality that must not be forgotten is the overall mental and physical well being that comes with being active and the participation in practices and events associated with interscholastic athletics while a student at ER. Athletics provides both the physical and mental support that so many students throughout NYS and within East Rochester need in order to be successful both personally and academically. 

NYSPHSAA NFHS Guidance CDC Covid-19 American Academy of Pediatrics 

Return To Play

The school will continue to monitor the policies and recommendations that have been established to return students to physical education, athletics and recess for students that have been confirmed with a positive COVID-19 case that is either moderate or severe in symptoms.  


●The facility both indoors and outside is open for East Rochester athletics in accordance with the guidelines that have been put forth by NYSPHSAA and NYSED.
Any high risk sports that wish to practice must get clearance from the athletic director's office and abide by the modified guidelines that have been put in place. 

Non ER Organizations 

● Once outside groups are permitted they must follow the same stage guidelines that school teams are expected to follow and file a daily report with ER athletics to which involve daily health screenings and temperature checks.

● At this time, club, travel and recreation groups are not permitted to use indoor facilities. These activities will be governed by the COVID re-entry guidance from NYS and district decisions. (Groups include Sea Dragon’s Swim Club, Sing Out, Jets and ER Travel Soccer, APEX and ER Youth Wrestling, PAC/Diamond Pro Baseball, etc.)
● At this time the wellness center is closed to community members. When the weather is conducive the outdoor track and tennis courts are allowed to be used by community members as long as school related classes and practices are not in session. 12 students and one adult can use the wellness center at one time. Free weight areas can be used with one spotter and lifter. Up to six people are permitted in the free weight room at a given time. This guidance is based on stages from NYSPHSAA and NFHS guidelines. 

Large Spaces/Facilities 

● It is the recommendation that PE and Athletics should continue with proper guidelines in place to minimize the risks of exposure and infection. That being said, in more optimal weather conditions (ie. September - Mid November) the PE department must look at maximizing the health and wellness activities to occur outside. 

Physical Education 

● Maximizing use of tennis courts, the track and the turf field. Grass fields can be used later in morning and afternoon to avoid getting pants and sneakers wet during the day. ● PE should focus on activities and fitness, there can’t be a team sport focus until there is a return to normal related activities. ● Changing should not occur for PE and sneakers should be worn to school on days of PE. 

Out of Season OTA’s
Varsity sports that are out of season ranging from low risk to high risk following the guidelines set forth by NYSPHSAA can offer OTA’s, as long as the guidelines previously stated by NYSPHSAA and NFHS are being followed.

Wellness Center

The wellness center is currently open to student athletes and organized team functions. The scheduling of the wellness center runs directly through PJ Hermance, There is a maximum of 16 participants, 12 in cardio room, 4 in free weight room, with proper cleansing and guidelines posted in multiple locations throughout both areas.