Students participate in Community Building

Students participate in Community Building training
Posted on 12/21/2022
PiRI Community Building training with studentsMiddle Level and High School students participated in Community Building training with Partners in Restorative Initiatives (PiRI) this December. The Community Building training has proved to be a powerful tool with the ability to foster incredible change and growth in our school. During the training, students were encouraged to share their thoughts on the strengths and areas for growth within our school and engaged in discussions regarding how they see this work best benefiting our entire school community. Students had the opportunity to foster connections with each other by sharing personal experiences throughout their discussions. Students will also have the opportunity to use their training to engage in thoughtful dialog with peers and members of our staff.

Some of the teachers in East Rochester Schools also went through the Community Building training this fall with the intention of sharing their experience with other staff members throughout the district. In order to build upon our community building and restorative work, the district will continue to partner with PiRI throughout this school year and next.