ER student surprised with new car

ER student surprised with new car
Posted on 11/13/2020
Ashtyn car

Senior Ashtyn Carr-Pieramico was not expecting to see his family when his teacher ushered him outside on Thursday, and he was definitely not expecting the group waiting for him to tell him that the car idling in front of the school was his!

Former ER student Collin Gibboney and his business partners Chris McGill and Mark Ricci reached out to the district after finding success with their automotive business, Northside Auto Sales. Gibboney says he was looking for a way to give back and spread kindness after his personal success. The former student decided to give a current, deserving East Rochester student a car. After speaking with teachers and administrators at the high school, Gibboney and Ricci decided to present the car to Ashtyn. 

Teachers who joined in the surprise expressed how deserving Ashtyn is and how happy they were for him to receive such an exciting donation. The senior is on the wrestling team and was employed as summer help with the custodial staff at the school. “He’s a great young man,” said Principal Casey van Harrsel, “he deserves to be recognized.” 

Ashtyn says he couldn’t believe the surprise and that he was grateful to the team for their gift. Then, he hopped in the car to take it for a test drive!

presenting the car