Elementary Fun and Learning

Elementary Fun and Learning
Posted on 11/28/2023
Students beaming with pride over their projects

Our elementary students have been engaged in some educational and fun activities in the classroom over the last couple of weeks!
Our 4th grade students
created a Haudenosaunee Museum as a culminating activity celebrating what they’ve learned about the Haudenosaunee, the Iroquois Confederacy, over the past 5 weeks. Students are very proud of their hard work in these projects following their studies as a group, yet used their creativity to construct their own unique designs.
Our ER Elementary students had a classroom visit from James Gilbert of News 8 WROC Rochester
who came in to do a weather presentation. The kids had a wonderful time learning about meteorology - thank you, James!
Students and guest speaker.
Our 3rd grade students have been learning about s
ustainability with the Composting Project. This allowed students to not only to learn about their impact on the environment,

but to make an immediate positive contribution. They now can place compostable trash (food scraps, paper napkins) in five-gallon buckets with biodegradable liners in the cafeteria following lunch.Students and guest speaker.