Instructional Resource Criteria

We encourage teachers to use the following criteria to assist in the evaluation and selection of learning materials that align to and support district curriculum: 

  • Which NYS Learning Standards does this resource align with?
  • Which part of the district curriculum does this resource align with and support?
  • Is this material accessible to all students?
  • Is this resource non-offensive (the material does not reinforce stereotypes)?
  • Does this resource accompany other materials that provide a spectrum of diverse perspectives?
  • Who writes the stories? Who benefits from the stories? Who is missing from the stories?
  • Does the curriculum present different points of view on the same event or experience, especially points of view from marginalized people/communities?
  • Does the curriculum and instructional activities promote or provoke critical questions about the societal status quo?
  • Do they present alternative points of view as equally worth considering?
  • Is guidance being providance on making real-life connections between academic content and the local neighborhood, culture, environment and resources?
  • Is the resource appropriate for the student and grade, include qualitative and quantitative elements, and peripheral supports to accommodate a variety of readers' needs?

As always, if there is any question regarding an instructional resource, please reach out to your building principal and/or the Office of Curriculum and Instruction for support.