Chromebook Questions

Q:  Will the students take the Chromebooks home?

A:  Students will be permitted to take their Chromebooks home with them daily once the Google Account and Acceptable Use Agreement is signed by a parent or guardian and returned to the main office.
Q:  What are the benefits of students bringing the device home? 

A:  The Chromebook is a personal device and allows students to store notes, handouts, books, instructional videos and a large variety of other applications that are designed to help students with mastery. The use of the device outside of school gives students access to information and the tools they need to create. 
Q:  Will students get to keep their Chromebook over the summer?

A:  No. Chromebooks must be collected at the end of the school year for maintenance and updates.
Q:  Will students keep the devices during school breaks?

A:  Students will be able to use the Chromebook throughout the entire school year. Chromebooks will be collected prior to the last day of classes or exams in June of each year.
Q:  When does the student return the Chromebook?

A:  The student's Chromebook and accessories must be returned to school at a location to be determined at the end of each school year. Students who withdraw, are long term suspended, leave the building or the district (for any reason) must return their school Chromebook with any school supplied accessories on or before the date they leave. If a student fails to return the Chromebook at the end of the school year or upon termination of enrollment, the parent/guardian will be subject to civil liability for the total replacement cost of the Chromebook and any school supplied Chromebook accessories (such as a protective case).
Q:  Can students bring their own device to school?

A:  While mobile devices are allowed in school, Laptops, personal Chromebooks, MacBook's and the like are not allowed to on the district's network.  
Q:  If a student forgets the Chromebook at school, can homework still be completed?

A:  Yes, a student can access all work from the cloud by using any web browser and going to  Alternatively, both IOS and Android phone platforms have apps to access Google Documents (Drive, Classroom, Docs, Sheets and Slides) so that students could continue work on a smart phone is necessary. District computers may be used in the libraries and computer labs and there will be a limited number of loaner Chromebooks available to be used.