The role of school safety is a shared role amongst all members of the East Rochester school community. There are several practices and procedures in place throughout the East Rochester Union Free School District to ensure the health and safety of staff, students and guests. While we continuously work to proactively address various risk factors throughout the district, we also ask that any unusual observations or safety concerns you may encounter on campus are promptly reported to our Director of Facilities at [email protected].

Highlights of some of our ongoing safety work can be found below:

Emergency Preparedness
The East Rochester Union Free School District regularly conducts emergency response drills in accordance with New York State Education Department regulations and local emergency preparedness mandates. Such drills include fire and emergency evacuation drills, lockdown drills, and early dismissal drills.

Safety inspections of all district buildings occur at an appropriate frequency, as required by applicable regulatory agencies. These inspections include fire and smoke detection systems inspections, partition inspections, swimming pool inspections, Asbestos Triennial Re-inspections and periodic 6 month surveillance inspections, suppression systems inspections, Automatic External Defibrillator inspections, elevator inspections and several more. Current inspection reports are on file with the Director of Facilities.

School Closing, Late Arrival, Early Dismissal
Such events may occur as decided by the Superintendent of Schools. Such decisions will be based upon the anticipated impact of an emergency on student and staff safety. Examples of considerations taken when making such a determination include, but are not limited to, road conditions, predicted snowfall amounts, sidewalk safety, temperatures, wind chills and building power supply. Decisions will be made in a timely manner and in consultation with town officials, police and other emergency services. Changes in scheduled activities will be announced on the school website, local radio and television stations and through the district's automated communication system.

In compliance with New York State Education Department Uniform Safety Standards for School Construction and Maintenance, radon testing was completed in February 2014 of all occupied structures in the East Rochester School District. The reported results indicate all radon levels in the district buildings tested are below the United State Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) action level of 4.0 picoCuries per liter of air (pCi/L). All test results are available for further review at the Buildings and Grounds Office.

Required Notifications
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