2022-2027 Discov(ER) Strategic Planning

Our DiscovER (2022-2027) plan places an emphasis on measurable goals that will align with four principles aimed at aligning our efforts, creating an ability to monitor progress and meeting the standards set forth in our Mission statement. 

This plan serves as a guidance tool for our district and its stakeholder groups. It is a collaborative effort aimed at streamlining efforts on behalf of students in our district. We strive to improve outcomes for all students by looking to this plan as a tool to keep our efforts focused. We expect that our work will be centered upon the District's mutually agreed upon goals that support our Guiding Principles. We understand that the needs of our students may evolve over the course of the timeframe in this plan. To that end, we expect the district and its stakeholder groups to assess and identify the need to modify our targets with the focus on consistent improvement of outcomes for students. 

The four guiding principles we will be focusing on are:

1. Targeted Academic Success
Our district will provide an authentic, individualized, age-appropriate, inclusive, and student-centered approach to instruction guided by realistic assessments to gauge student performance and our efforts to support their learning.  

2. Social and Emotional Stability
We are committed to the holistic development of every child. While a primary focus for schools is academic achievement, we realize that social and emotional stability is essential for success in the classroom, a foundation for problem solving and an integral part of effective communication in and outside the school building.

3. Engagement in Education
For a school to succeed in its mission we must have all stakeholder groups regularly involved in dialogue about student performance. We will strive to create and enhance learning partnerships that focus on student empowerment, giving families a voice in our curriculum review process, and our community engaging in and supporting academic initiatives.

4. Alignment of Systems
As an organization we will have streamlined communication, processes and procedures that govern our operations. Strategic initiatives including curriculum, technology, budgeting, infrastructure, and long-range planning will be focused on outcomes for students and staff.

More information on each guiding principle can be found in the ER Strategic Plan document, below.