Sexual Education

Sexual Education- It is important to note that at this time, New York State does not require sex education to be taught in schools beyond certain requirements related to HIV/AIDS. With that said, the purpose of the pending legislation, New York State Senate Bill S2584A, is meant to expand upon those requirements to include providing students with a comprehensive sexuality education that is age appropriate, medically accurate and inclusive of all students. Comprehensive sexuality education covers issues like healthy relationships, body image, and self-esteem. 
If this Bill is passed into law, the New York State Education Department would be required to not only develop a sexuality education program, but prescribe the specific topics to be included in that program, and issue guidance and model curriculum to school districts. Our district would use that guidance to develop a local approach to providing our students with age appropriate instruction. 
In addition, under Erin’s Law in New York State, public schools are required to teach child sexual abuse and exploitation prevention classes, or personal body safety, to students in kindergarten through eighth grade. We partner with local agencies who provide this age appropriate instruction for our students. We will continue to provide families with advanced notice of these lessons and request your permission for children to partake in these lessons.