Costs to Families

Q:  What is the cost to families for the Chromebook?

A:  The district will purchase the Chromebook and power supply for charging.  As outlined in the Google Account and Chromebook Acceptable Use Agreement, A $25 deductible will be collected to cover the cost of any repairs to a damaged Chromebook.  Parents are responsible for the full replacement cost in regard Dishonest, fraudulent, intentional, negligent or criminal acts which damage Chromebooks.  If the Chromebook is lost or stolen or not returned to the district, the parents or guardians are responsible for the full replacement cost.

Q:  Are there accessories families should purchase for the Chromebook?

A:  Families may also want to consider a case for the Chromebook.  The district will provide recommendations.

Q:  What happens if a Chromebook gets damaged, destroyed, or stolen?

A:  Either outside of classroom time, or during if approved by the teacher, the student will bring their device to the library.  The Teaching Assistant or Librarian will assess the situation and either resolve it or assign the student a loaner Chromebook, if available. If there is a device malfunction, it may be repaired or replaced through the warranty at no additional cost. .

Q:  Is the district offering a protection plan for Chromebooks?

A:  The district is not offering a protection plan for Chromebooks.