Internet Use

Q:  Is East Rochester Schools providing an Internet carrier for home use? 
A:  No, the district cannot incur this cost.

Q:  Will students be able to use the Internet service at home with the school's device?
A: Yes. The Chromebook will connect to any Wi-Fi network.

Q:  Is Internet access required at home for the Chromebook program?
A:  No, Internet access in the home is not required. Chromebooks can be used without Internet access on a limited basis. If necessary, students will be able to access free wireless service at public libraries or many local businesses. Students will have the opportunity to obtain and store necessary documents and information on their Chromebooks before leaving school.  

Q:  How will Internet access be filtered on the Chromebook?
A:  All Chromebooks issued by the school district will be subject to the same content filtering as desktop and laptop computers used in the schools. In alignment with federal regulations this Internet filtering will be active on the Chromebooks at all times on the school campus. District issued Chromebooks, when off site and connected to the Internet, will continue to utilize district filters. While filters are effective at limiting inappropriate content from being accessed, no technological service is 100% perfect.  Parents are responsible for monitoring their student's use of the Chromebook, including Internet browsing at home or in any other location where a student is able to access a wireless network.